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Los Angeles and Palm Springs based New Classic Films was established in 2009. They specialize in innovative and compelling filmmaking for weddings and special events. Combining experience and creativity they capture your important moments in a style that suits your personality. Our company was founded on the premise that wedding videos should be actually be cool, and we love capturing the beauty of each couple’s unique love story through timeless, emotion-filled imagery. With over 500 weddings filmed and counting we take pride in our experience, technique and client relationships.

Our unobtrusive documentary style of shooting leaves couples and their family and friends relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Owner Camron Carrier and his team of filmmakers are able to combine their passion for capturing weddings with their background in television and feature filmmaking to create professional and unique wedding films for couples in love. You have seen our work on all the best websites and magazines, however we remain humble and professional. We love the exposure, but what truly means the most to us is having our clients tell us how much our hard work means to them. We put our heart into what we do, making sure that your wedding is remembered in the very best way possible for years to come.

We are fully insured and licensed  professionals with years of experience. We use the best team of professionals available, all are highly trained film school graduates with not only experience in wedding videography, but also on top television shows, feature films and music videos in Hollywood.  We pride ourselves in being professional, courteous and creative.



Our signature Package



  • 2 Cinematographers
  • 10 Hours of filming (on the day of the Wedding)
  • 4 High Definition and 4K Cameras (for Ceremony and Reception)
  • Professional Sound Recording with primary and back up recordings. (Great for vows and toasts!)
  • Professional Stabilization Equipment (Insuring a professional look and feel)


  • 5-8 Minute Wedding Highlight Film (See samples under “Wedding Films” on this website)
  • Fully Edited Chapters that include Ceremony, Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts, Cake-Cutting, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dances.
  • 3 Fully Licensed Songs from www.songfreedom.com or www.themusicbed.com, a $150 dollar value!
  • *Each Edited Movie Chapter is delivered in it’s entirety, edited with multiple angles, and live recorded audio, the average run time of delivered files is one to two hours respectively.


  • High Resolution Digital Download Files delivered right to your email! It is easy just click and download to your desktop or hard drive for safe keeping. 
  • Digital Downloads are delivered via email link and can be downloaded to your MAC or PC, or personal Hard Drive. (Great for sharing online)

specialty & optional items


  • Airel Drone Videography (Available in 4K)
  • *New Live Steaming (Facebook Live, and more)


  • Additional Filming Hours
  • Additional Cinematographer with Camera
  • Additional Filming Locations
  • 4K Camera’s


  • 10-15 Minute Highlight Film (Substitue for the basic 5-8 minute Highlight film)
  • Hourly Editing Services
  • Same Day Wedding Edit (Includes projector screen and PA speakers)
  • Coloring (Coloring is included in our Base package) We do offer a la carte coloring sevices for commercial and other production work. We currently use DaVenci Resolve and Premiere. Please contact us for our rates.


  • DVD Discs
  • Blu Ray Discs
  • Raw Footage


We are a full service wedding and event Videography company. We film events typically in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside County areas. We offer complete filming services which include camera operators, camera equipment, lights and sound needs. Also, we offer post production services which include video editing and coloring. We feature the latest and greatest equipment using our new 4K Sony cameras along with our variety of new model DSLR cameras. Our editing services include editing for any Final Cut or Adobe Premiere projects. For film coloring services we use the latest version of DaVinci Resolve.

Things to know! We know you don’t hire videography companies very often. You should be able to trust who you hire. You should be able to trust that you are getting the best, and that nothing will be left out later on that is important to you. Below are a few items where we differ from other companies. We strive to be the best at what we do, we love to learn with our growing experience. Below are a few items that express our quality of work. With over 500 weddings filmed and growing we love to learn and pass that along to our couples. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.
We can't wait to be a part of your special day! 
Owner - Camron Carrier


As one of the top Wedding Videography companies in the US, we set the bar when it comes to filming your wedding! We have perfected our Base Package, which has been featured in “The Knot” magazine. It includes what they quoted as the 5 “Must Have” items when it comes to your wedding video. Unlike some companies, our package includes the full Ceremony, Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts and Cake Cutting. Also included are the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances. You would think all wedding videography companies would include these items. Nope. We know from our own experience that there is no barrier to entry when it comes to wedding videography and unfortunately, you don’t always get what you pay for. We know other companies who charge far more than we do often times do not provide you with your whole ceremony from start to finish. Often times they provide you with “ONLY” a short Highlight film. That’s it. Our Base package has been tailored over several years to give you exactly what you need, then allows you to add items that may be less common, or more specific for each wedding.

Sound Recording

Recently I was surprised to find out from several other top companies only provided one microphone for recording the ceremony and toast audio. I was shocked! What happens if something goes wrong with that microphone? What happens if there is a malfunction? You simply must have back up sound. It is extremely important. We hear microphone problems consistently at weddings, so we make sure this will never happen to you!

What we use? We use two lavaliere microphones, and we also tap into the microphones being used for the ceremony and reception, plus we use boom microphones on our cameras. This is 3 levels of audio for safety – we want to ensure that you can hear everything clearly!

Camera Package

We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest technologies. Many of our team work as professional Directors of Photography for feature films, television shows and music videos. Their knowledge of the camera is vast, and knowing how to capture the best image is our specialty. For video we use professional neutral density filters that allow the camera to perform better in extreme sunlight. We use stabilization equipment such as motorized gimbals that give your wedding a true cinematic feeling.

When it comes to your wedding we don’t go cheap on our cameras. We have the best. We know some companies only use (believe it or not) 1 or 2 cameras for your wedding day. There is no way you can get the best angles with only 2 cameras.

What do we use? We use our exclusive 4 camera set up for the ceremony which includes a high wide angle, a wide angle from the side, and cameras on each side of the set up insuring we see the bride and groom’s faces. This is so important considering a walk down the isle is around 8 seconds long.

We make sure we use more cameras (manned and unmanned) so we do not have to dive into an aisle during a ceremony. Less movement is best, you do not want your guests to remember how disruptive the cameraman was. They are there to enjoy "you" not feel like they are in the middle of a photoshoot. By doing this we can remain relaxed and steady by our cameras because we are confident we have all the angles covered.

We will also do a similar set up for the grand entrance, first dance, toasts and reception items. This ensures we don’t miss anything!

What happens if a camera breaks down? Yes, we include back up equipment with us on site. This is mostly unheard of when it comes to other companies.


New Classic Films

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